Goodbye cars, hello sunny days, hello robots

It is in the news today that the Chrysler car company is going bankrupt.  It said that Chrysler is one of the Big Three, which sounds like a group of superheroes, but is not a group of superheroes because superheroes are strong and invincible, and Chrysler is going bankrupt which indicates weakness. The Big Three consists of Chrysler, GM (General Motors), and Ford and just means that they are very big companies with lots and lots of money, factories, and cars. But now it is sort of like one of the superheroes had a freak accident and got squished under a fallen building or something, or dodged a bullet but moved too slow, because now The Big Three will have to be called The Big Two (which sounds kind of strange).

Me riding a bike these days.

I’m not sad that one of the car companies had to go bankrupt. I guess there are hundreds and hundreds of Chrysler factories, and there are lot of people who worked in those factories, and then people who sold the cars at car stores, and then there are car mechanics who worked on the cars, and people drove the cars, and now the cars will no longer be around anymore. It sounds like a bad thing, all those people who can’t work at the car factory anymore or repair them, but maybe those people could work for a different company where they could build toys like bicycles or build robots. If you switched the car factory to a robot or bicycle factory, the builders working there might not even notice, except that instead of a car door they screwed to the car body, it would be a robot arm to a robot body. The workers would probably have just as much fun. And after all, most cars are bad things if you think about them. They use up a lot of resources to make them, and then once they are made, they make a lot of smoke and bad things that come out of them, and then when they are old and done, they just sit there taking up space and the big metals and chemicals won’t ever go away. If all the people who used to work at the car factory made bicycles and robots instead there would be a ton of bicycles and robots. People could just ride bikes all day, which don’t make any bad smoke or chemicals, and the robots could work all day. Since robots obviously don’t have feelings, they could do the boring work like add and subtract numbers in Microsfot Excel like father does sometimes, or make scrambled eggs  and toast like mother does. That way my father, mother and I could be out riding bikes to the museum, and because the museum security will be robots, the museum security could be riding bikes to the zoo, and because robots would be taking care of the animals, the zookeepers could be riding bikes to the beach, though the lifeguards would have to be humans because if someone was drowning, the robots would get wet and malfunction and probably drown too.

If now 1/3 of the cars are not going to be around anymore, and people had to ride bikes everywhere, they might first be upset that they would have to use their energy and muscles instead of sitting and pushing a button with their foot. But they would probably have fun after a couple weeks when they got skinnier, because I hear a lot of adults talking about how much they weigh and about not eating certain foods like dessert and going on diets, which just means not eating certain foods like dessert. When you eat food, it can turn into fat or it can be used for energy. Riding a bike takes a lot more energy than pushing a button, and that energy comes from food, so people riding their bikes to work can eat dessert every time they go to work! Also if the weather was really good one morning, they would feel really good to be out where the sun can reach them and the wind can blow, which feels nice. People in cars would have to roll down their windows, but they still can’t get the wind to blow on their legs unless they cut a hole or installed a tiny window down there which they would also have to roll down.

Here is one scenario now if 1/3 of the cars disappeared. Chrysler's bankruptcy could just mean the factory workers can lay around at the beach instead of working!

Here is one scenario now if 1/3 of the cars disappeared. Chrysler's bankruptcy could just mean the factory workers can lay around at the beach instead of working!

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  1. Randy
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

    Police need cars to catch people who break in to your house. And Ambulances need to be built to take old people to the hospital so they will not die at home when they get sick. Daddies need a car to take mommies to the hospital when they have a baby.

    Chrysler will go bankrupt, but President Obama is going to bail them out by borrowing money from China, giving it to Chrysler, and then making taxpayers pay China back. The people who own Chrysler, the stockholders will get 10% of the new Chrysler. The Auto workers union who have no ownership in Chrysler, will get 55% of the new Chrysler and the Government gets the rest, because Mr. Obama believes in wealth redistribution. He will be taking Chrysler away from the owner-stock holders and giving it to other people and keeping some for the government.

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