Launching rockets to hurt people

I like making rockets and then launching them. They are fun to make because you have to be really smart when you make all the pieces and then put them together. For example, if you glue the fin on wrong, the rocket will go all sorts of weird ways, and it could even come right back at you! This is pretty dangerous. I don’t think North Korea, which is a little country over near China, are building some of their rockets right. Some of their rockets have even exploded right after takeoff! Then that is not a rocket that they launched, but a missile instead.

Me launching a rocket.

Me launching a rocket.

Missiles are like rockets expect that they explode after a certain time. Missiles are more dangerous than rockets because they could hurt people. Of course, if a rocket is going fast enough, it would also hurt someone if it went at them. I’m not sure why North Korea would want to build missiles or rockets that would hurt someone, as my parents said. The news also said that North Korea is looking to make uranium after they used up all their plutonium. I know that these elements are radioactive and are used to make nuclear powerplants and nuclear weapons. Nuclear powerplants seem like a good idea to make lots and lots of energy, but then there is radioactive leftovers that won’t ever disappear for millions of years! What if someone wanted to walk their dog at a really pretty park but then one day the government decided to put the radioactive leftovers in that park, then the person couldn’t walk their dog or they would get really sick and die! And nuclear weapons are not good either. Nuclear weapons are what destroyed entire cities in a matter of seconds. I can’t even imagine what would happen if my entire city was there one second and then another second it was totally gone. My Mom and Dad could be at work in different buildings, and I could be at school, and my cats could be at home, and we could all be working or learning or looking out the window and then suddenly not exist anymore.

My parents said North Korea tried to launch their rocket but they haven’t gotten it to work. Since their rockets are very big, they cannot take their fins off and on to adjust them very easily. They are probably welded on and very heavy making it so that machines have to help. I hope that they don’t figure out how to launch the rockets though, or if they do, that they just go straight up into outter space and leave the atmosphere and just keep going away from Earth forever. They might hit a planet or something, but because the planets are very far away it would take a long long time to do that, possibly millions of year, which is not very scary, because the sun will also die in millions of years and that is completely natural. We just have to make the most of what we have before a million years, which is a lot of time to take a walk in a park everyday, so much that you might get bored of taking a walk every day!

People and a kitty awake, wondering about a Dangerous Missile.

People and a kitty awake, wondering about a Dangerous Missile.

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  1. Randy
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    North Korea, is doing much better with their rockets now, on memorial day they launched 3 rockets that could easily go all the way to Japan with a weapon to hurt people. They also tested a nuclear bomb on memorial day, it worked to. They test fired it way down in the ground, it was so big it was like a earth quake.

    The Japanese people are very worried, because there are so many people there, that one rocket with a nuclear weapon will kill thousands of people.

    The President is worried North Korea might sell a rocket and nuclear weapon to Iran. The leader of Iran has said he wants to destroy Israel, so North Korea may give him the ability to do that.

    We will have to watch happens over there very close, or what you were saying could be closer than before all this.

  2. Lydia
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 11:23 pm | Permalink

    Do you actually think we’ll all be blown to smithereens? Could this actually happen with North Korea?

  3. Christopher
    Posted May 27, 2009 at 8:25 am | Permalink

    Thank you very much Randy for the updates.

    I am sad that North Korea is testing nuclear bombs, but I am happy that they are testing it underground so that there are no radioactive materials in the air that will give people secret and slow diseases that they won’t find out until later in their lives, like right after they get married or have a child.

    I don’t know why North Korea wants to build dangerous bombs. I looked but didn’t see any reason why North Korea wants to hurt another country, like Japan. I also don’t know why North Korea would want to make a bomb and sell that instead of selling other things that are easier to transport like fresh fruit, iron, zinc, copper, salt, and fluorite, which is what I read that they have a lot of. Perhaps what The President should do is to give North Korea lots of drills and dump trucks so that they can mine and sell those things instead of making bombs to sell.

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